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We use a lot of content to determine our own player ranks and team needs for the NFL Draft Game. Below are our favorite links for content and news articles we believe you will find interesting:

Combine links, including the NFL Draft IQ (Wonderlic) Test:
  • During the NFL draft, aspiring players take the Wonderlic cognitive test, which is similar to an IQ test. The scores range from 1 to 50 with the average in the NFL being about 20. For example, Andrew Luck got a 37, Jay Cutler got a 26, and Jameis Winston scored a 27. We found some sample tests of different lengths that are meant for fun and are free to take so you can see how you stack up against the scores of NFL players. They are located here:
    Todd McShay’s guide to every combine drill
    Wonderlic Test Scores
    Wonderlic Test Samples

    Links that we use to help determine 2017 NFL Draft Player Rank: - Combine Tracker
    CBS Sports
    NFL Draft Diamonds
    NFL Draft Geeks

    Links that we use to help determine 2017 NFL Team Needs:
    User Input from Our Fans - Team Needs

    2017 Mock Drafts:
    CBS Sports - Mock Drafts
    WalterFootball - Mock Drafts
    NFL Draft Geeks - Mock Drafts

    Non-football Related, but Good Causes: Organizations that Improve Our Communities:
    American Cancer Society
    Smoking Cessation - Adding Years by Quitting
    Smoking Cessation - TobaccoFreeLife