2013 NFL Draft Results - NFC South

  • These are the results from running the actual 2013 NFL Draft through the First-Pick.com draft game.
  • The breakdown is divided into three parts: Selection, Player Value, and Overall score/grade.
  • Selection grade is based on how well the team did given its draft picks. Each team has equal chance to score well.
  • Player Value grade is based on the quality of players the teams accumulated through the draft. A team with more picks will have a great chance of accumulating more value.
  • Overall score/grade is a combination of the scores for an overall assessment.
  • Team Overall Rank Overall Score Overall Grade Selecting Rank Selecting Grade Player Value Rank Player Value Grade
    New Orleans Saints 14 3889 B 2 B+ 31 D-
    Carolina Panthers 19 3689 C+ 5 B 30 D-
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 3334 C- 20 C- 23 C-
    Atlanta Falcons 30 2776 D- 31 E 27 D+
  • Individual picks with grades held while users are achieving new high scores!!!